Machu Picchu



May 18 - 26 $1,400

To join us contact Alan

IMPORTANT: In case of air travel delays and missed connections carry these contact numbers:

If you are already in Peru start at -98

Travel Coordinator - Feli (51-1) 985-690-495

Alan Leon (51-1) 982-040-114

May 18: Your arrival at the Lima airport will be met by one of our lima guides, look for them to be holding a blue bandana. Your guide will take you to the hotel Carmel
(51-1) 241-8672.

May 19: There will be time in the morning to enjoy the nearby plaza.  Your guide will return you to the airport for your afternoon flight to Cusco. From Cusco we drive 2-hours down to the Urubamba Valley and very Andean the village of Ollantaytambo.  Staying the night at the Kuychipunku hostel.

May 20: An easy morning to enjoy the village. Then we will catch the 2hr train to Machu Picchu.

The train to Machu Picchu allows only a airline sized carry on bag.  The rest of your bags we can store in the hotel in Ollantaytambo.

Below the ruins, down by the river, we will stay in Aguas Calientes, a great little tropical fiesta village. Here we stay two nights at Gringo Bill's tel (51-84) 21-1046  

May 21: This will be a full day of Machu Picchu. Through many millennia Machu Picchu has served as an initiatory center for students of a higher learning.The ancient sacred site is fed by a grid of powerful natural energies patterned by the surrounding peaks above and from extensive caverns below.

While many succeeding cultures built at Machu Picchu, its origins are seen in the megalithic (gigantic stone) structures left by an ancient highly advanced people many thousands of years vanished.

May 22: Moving slower this morning, going back up to the ruins if you wish (needing $70 and advance reservations), many people choose to walk along the river to enjoy the rain forest, there are waterfalls to be visited and a sacred peak to climb. Then an afternoon train returns us up the Urubamba River to Ollantaytambo. We will  return to stay at the Kuychipunku Hostal.

May 23: We will start the day in the megalithic ruins known to have been a landing pad of the ancient ones, a pre-cataclysmic power spot. 

May 24: Mid-morning we begin a 2-hr ride to Cusco. Along the way we will stop at Grandmother's house in the village of Chinchero to share a traditional meal with a native Quechua/Inca family. This evening we immerse ourselves in the strong energies of the nightly plaza fiesta of Cusco, a plaza with party tradition of many thousands of years. There we will stay two nights at the Arqueologo Hotel (51-84) 23-2569.

May 25: In Cusco we will start the day with a native shaman will lead us in our first ceremony of cleansing and connection. Then we visit various megalithic temples to immerse you in the geo-energy wisdom of the ancient ancestors. They built these temples on natural power sites with perfectly fitted stones weighing in excess of 300 tons!

Also to be seen are the many hundreds of most enigmatic machine like carvings in the living rock, perhaps this is evidence of a industrial civilization dating thousands of years prior to the Inca Empire. In the evening local women will be guiding us through the fascinating markets near the main plaza. This is a great place for shopping for the crafts have been gathered here from all over Peru.

MaY 26: An easy morning, back to the plaza or markets if you would like. Mid-morning we will board the same Amazon flight that the rest of the journey group will be on.


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