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Camping Calendar

January thru May  Santa Barbara-California, Sedona-Arizona, or thoughout the Sonoran desert 

May thru June  Peru, Amazon and Andes

July thru October  Northern Rocky Mountains, Wyoming and Montana 
Aug 23-25 Ranch camping on Yellowstone Park north border, Montana 
Aug 26 Yellowstone Park tour

All this is available for anyone anytime we can get our calendars to coincide. I am usually out camped in these wild lands anyway and you are utterly welcome when you will!

$300  3-days
However, let's talk if lack of money would inhibit your joining us. If you would like to come we would like to have you here with us. Perhaps we can create a fair sharing.


While we won't be in a normal campground with the crowds, we will be close to our vehicles allowing us to readily bring comfortable supplies. We will not be backpacking.

-I will supply any camp gear you don't have available yourself.
-I'll bring the bulk of the food with the means to prepare it. And will prepare an itinerary menu for you to see beforehand.
-Feel free to arrive when you comfortably can. Even the next day if that is better for you. This is about relaxing ;)



Our happy campers won't need to bring much. Here is a short beginning list:
Warm clothes as we are hanging out at night
(we'll talk weather just before gathering)
Bring books if you would like ~ rest, relax & enjoy 
Perhaps inspirational or/and pleasurable stories


I'll go see what is available at the nearby good food store (organic naturally) and send you my seasonal based basic food ideas for our camp. This will be minimum cooking and cleaning using less fire, water and fuss. To help with this please bring your own mug, bowl or plate with spoon & fork. 

Then at each meal we can present everything buffet style for your choices in the moment. Pretty much always available:

-fruit  &  veggies - cooked and raw (salad)

-precooked beans & chicken 

-boiled eggs 

-cooked whole grains and legumes 

-olive oil

-sprouted bread & tortillas 

-nuts & nut butter 


-corn chips & salsa 

-hot water -coffee & milk
And please bring your own favorite variety of teas

If you wish, also bring foods you like a lot to add to your enjoyment.

I'd also like to call and ask you your preferences and perhaps what more we could have for you. we'll talk soon...





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