Amazon Journey 2020

May 25 - 30, 2020 ~ $2,995
*prices do not include airfares to & from Lima

$500 deposit beginning February 1, 
Full payment beginning March 31, 

Machu Picchu and Cusco trips available both before and after the Amazon - $1,400

For this Armand community adventure, we have reserved the Wasai Tambopata Lodge and will have the whole wondrous place to ourselves. From Lima, it is an hour and a half flight to Puerto Maldonado, then three hours by river into the stupendously alive, luscious rain forest wilderness.

The Amazon forest in it's wondrous life-lush naturalness will be a vast influence on your experience, making available a profound connection with nature. So many of our travelers experience a comfort in the feeling of belonging.

Near Machu Picchu and Cusco Peru, just east over the Andes high crest, are a series of parks and preserves totaling some 20,000 square miles of protected Amazon rainforest. This is one of the world's most massive protected ecosystems with much of its natural life systems intact. We will be in the midst of all this in the   Tambopata National Reserve at the Wasai Tambopata Lodge in it's own nearly one million acres privately preserved alongside the parks.


To make reservations contact

Alan Leon is also available in the States for telephone advice: 575-740-2418



The airlines and lodging will only take your reservation when they have your deposit and passport number. So we also need AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
-Your FIRST and LAST NAMES ONLY, exactly as they are on your passport
- and if you are not from the USA, include the country of issue.

Visitor's Visa: Your visitor's visa will be issued at the Lima airport. They are happy to see you and your spending money and have made the visa process very easy. You do not need to do this beforehand. Now they just check your passport and in you go.

Next we will be needing your Peru arrival &  departure flight info. You need to make your own flight reservations to and from Lima. We don't handle these flights and they are not included in the journey price.

-You could go to Google Flights to compare available flights.

NOTE: Plan on traveling on May 25th to arrive in Lima late that night, that is the night your hotel is reserved in Lima.

Some flights land just after midnight on May 26th and that's alright; same night's darkness, same hotel room waiting for you.

On your return, make sure you have the departure date correct as many flights leave just after midnight. We will return to Lima around 6:30pm on SATURDAY May 30, so plan your departure for late that night or just after midnight on May 31.


All meals are provided, except for the last day traveling back to Lima.


We can make arrangements for those who would like to stay extra days at the lodge and there are options for touring MACHU PICCHU before or after the group journey.  The group to Machu Picchu can be such an excellent way to carry on the celebration of consciousness we create together in the jungle's medicine.

Those of you going to Cusco/Machu Picchu on the last day please inform us and we will adjust your flight reservations.

Extra nights in Lima, coming or going, can be arranged, let us know the hotel price range you would like. Airport pickup and return in the morning is usually included. If you would like to get out on the town a personal guide can be arranged at your extra cost, $10 per hour.




May 25 - 30, 2020

May 25, Monday: Your arrival in Lima will be met at the airport by one of our Lima guides, look for them to be holding a BLUE BANDANNA and a sign saying GROUP ARMAND. Your guide will take you to the Lima Sheraton (51-1) 315-5000. This will be the same for EARLY ARRIVALS as well.

IMPORTANT: In case of air travel delays and missed connections carry these contact numbers:
If you are already in Peru start at -98
Travel Coordinator - Feli (51-1) 985-690-495

Alan Leon 982-040-114
May 26: With our Lima guides the group will leave the Sheraton at 06:30 for our flight to Puerto Maldonado. There is a buffet breakfast at the Sheraton, but we will be in ceremony this night so eat light and avoid dairy and meat.

This whole diet thing can be confusing and there many that will try to impose restrictions and suffering. I have some twenty years deep Amazon experience with shamans that imposed nearly no restrictions and our experiences were often awesome and beyond! Bueno - our diet during the ceremonies will be simple and without foods that may create unwanted stimulus along with the 'medicine'. Check out this web site and do as you will:

When in Puerto Maldonado we will first drive some 40 minutes to the river. From there the boats will take us 3-4 hours to the Wasai Tambopata Lodge. We arrive late afternoon to settle in and then perhaps, if you wish, a short stroll into the forest. The first three nights at the lodge we will be beginning our ceremonies soon after dark.
May 27-28: The mornings after ceremony will be gentle. When you wake the simple foods that enhance our ceremonies will be offered to break your fast. Then to enjoy the forest at our own pace there will be guided walks offered. A light lunch of mostly fruit will also be available.
May 29: A day to rest, integrate and above all enjoy the rain forest.
May 30: Saturday: We will leave the lodge in the morning for our flight that returns us to Lima about 6.30pm. That will have you in the airport for your departing flights that night (remember flights leaving after midnight are reserved for May 31st).


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