We are inviting you to join a few others in this good work of living consciously to enjoy a few days comfortably camped. Not backpacking, nor campground but comfortably near our vehicles in otherwise pristine nature. Experiencing the healing and evolving potential of our merging with the natural world.                                                                                                                                                                           

“The more high-tech our lives become, the more nature we need to achieve natural balance...Utilizing both technology and nature experience will increase our intelligence, creative thinking, and productivity, giving birth to the hybrid mind.”
-Richard Louv, The Nature Principle

Such as...studies have shown a 50 percent improvement on creative problem-solving tasks after three days of camping.


We can go comfortably into the rightness and healing of nature, using the tools we have available, this is not about going back to primitive suffering survival. This is to be enjoyable allowing unguarded opening to integral health. 


Santa Barbara mountain camp


Amazon Lodge

View from our Sedona camp

North of Yellowstone. Ranch camp

It really is quite healthy to experience places where a whole lot of life is getting it right.

Research proven health benefits of nature interaction:  

-Boost in heart and metabolic health
-Lower levels of cortisol, blood pressure and pulse rate
-Significant protective effect against various cancers and stroke
-Immune strength enhanced
-Quicker recovery from illness or injury 
-Improved sleep
-Increased vitality, vigor and a feeling of liveliness
-Decreased mortality rate...!
-Calming, stress and depression reduction
-Mood and emotion improvement
-Improved mental performance 
-Self-confidence and performance enhancement
-Flow state availability
-Increased empathy, generosity and altruism 
[Due to getting connected with our authentic selves]

All good stuff to enhance our evolving consciousness together.

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